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29 กันยายน 2008

Stop “Death by powerpoint”

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Today, I have to give some presentation for my “Knowledge Management and Information Retrieval” about some example of Bayesian network, which instructor allows us to choose whatever topic you want. At first, I try to do the network of “F/OSS sustainability in Thailand”, but I’ve found that’s too difficult for me, because I didn’t have real experience getting money or doing real sustainable project. So, I choose some other aspect which can put some more fun into the slides. Also, by the time I’m reading the assignment from his slide, I found that’s quite hard to read. So, I come up with this idea of spreading the word about how to make your presentation fun. Finally, this is my slides.

Generally, the main ideas come from the famous “Death by powerpoint” presentation, with some adaptation and taking Bayesian Network approach to explain it. I try to choose some inference examples of what we’ve done generally in presentation, how badly it would affect your audience and how little improvement may have huge effect to liveliness of presentation.

Also, you may notice that it contains only 12 slides. This is due to professor’s limitation he gives to us that each presentation should contain ~10 slides. That’s very challenging because you have to select the really important content of your presentation, not much of fancy stuff to play also.

The slides is CC – By. You can use it to present to others, just give some attribution to me. Spread the word! Stop the kill!

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