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19 เมษายน 2009

Some rants about SugarCRM UIs

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These problems are usually the config problem. It may not suits with normal users but as solution implementer I’m not quite happy because of these problems / limitations of SugarCRM Community Edition. I understand that the basis of “free” but some problems indicate lack of usability testing, which could turn down the choice of selecting SugarCRM as based CRM software.

The current version I’m using is SugarCRM CE 5.2.0-c, so if you get newer version of SugarCRM, some problem within this rant may already become obsolete. The list will keep coming as I tried to configure SugarCRM.

  1. Hiding left-right pane WON’T HELP because you do not made scaling the text size of field label become possible. Only workaround is to use modern browsers “zoom” function. However you already provide “zoom text” functionality, right?
  2. All the text gone lost when I’m trying to create new field and suddenly change the field type
  3. Please stop making use of “tab-based pane” in your studio when creating new fields. Please take a look at “modern browsers” on what actually is a “tab-based browsing”. It’s not “1 tab == 1 function”
  4. Your tab header is nearly useless since there is no clue on “What the heck I’m doing on this tab”. You always provide “Edit fields”, “Edit field”, “Edit dropdown”. Can you ACTUALLY see the differences between “Edit fields” and “Edit field” without having clue that “Edit field” will be the leftmost tab when you’re trying to manipulate fields for a module? I doubt so.
  5. There is no explanation of each datatype appear when you’re trying to select appropriate datatype. However you do provide “Help” pane on the right! Only clue I got is:
    “Select the appropriate datatype based on the data that will be entered to the field”
    Do you think I’m nuts? This is obvious such that any dumbass will definitely know they have to select proper datatype! What I really want to know is “What datatype is suit for what kind of situation!”
  6. Edit view and Detail view are pretty much the same. Providing ways to “import/copy layout from other views” would speed up the time consumed.
  7. Layout editor is not so easy to use. We cannot expand the boundary of the layout editor.
  8. Please make the text size in layout editor resizable when clicked at “text size” in your SugarCRM top-right corner
  9. When working with really complex form layout, it is very hard to move a block from layout pane to toolbox pane if “scrolling” is involved. Either you provide some way to made the “Edit Layout” tab be able to consume whole browser screen space or you made the scrolling while dragging a layout block become easier.
  10. “New Panel” should be able to specify initial number of rows.
  11. When trying to create HTML datatype, your label of “default value” are somehow magically converted to the word “HTML” instead. It seems to be that your HTML datatype is just only something that is fixed value and can only be called for UI presentation only. Nothing can be done there.

In short: Not so good Admin UI made customization takes more time than it should be.

IMHO SugarCRM CE is a good start but if you’re trying to bind your custom business process and forms then things may getting mixed up (and mess up for sure).

p.s. Sorry for my weak and aggressive English.


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